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Big Manufacturers, big security

AirTec has established firm links with most of the major climate control equipment producers giving us technical back-up and support. In turn, this offers our customers the security of knowing they’re purchasing quality products.

    Outdoor units   Outdoor Units:
The Digital Inverter outdoor units are equipped with rotary compressors and an Intelligent Power Drive Unit (IPDU) for increased reliability, efficiency and reduced noise levels.
wall units floor units ceiling units
Wall units:
Wall mounted systems are ideally suited to large or small spaces. Airflow is
independently controlled to suit individual needs. Systems can be cooling only or cooling and heating.
Floor Units:
Ideal for installation beneath a window and can be wall mounted to save space or facilitate easier cleaning. A versatile solution, suiting a variety of applications.
Ceiling Units:
The output from these units is adjustable to enable the airflow to reach all parts of the room and create a comfortable ambience.

servicing your system

They do say prevention is better than cure and this has never been more true than with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. It certainly makes economic sense. A well maintained system not only works more efficiently, but is less likely to break down just when you need it most.

Just as regular servicing of your car ensures not only that it is less likely to break down but also that it will last longer, so the same can be said of your climate control system.

airtec van

For instance, a compressor burning out for the sake of £5-worth of oil, picked up at a service, could cost as much as £500 plus labour to replace - to say nothing of the inconvenience to your customers and staff.

All our customers, whether we've installed their system or not, reap the benefits of our planned Service Agreement carried out by our skilled engineers.

Call us today for details and a free, no-commitment system health check.


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