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Keeping cool in summer is as much about keeping warm in winter

When the temperature goes above 24°C, staff lose concentration (and tolerance – something your customers might notice!) mistakes occur, accidents happen and, over the long term, health deteriorates leading to absenteeism and high staff turn over. All of this can be avoided by installing a climate control system that offers the following:

Precise temperature control: for both cooling and heating, no matter what the external conditions.

Air Cleaning: all our indoor units are equipped with filters that take dust, pollen, and odours from the air according to customer specifications, supplying clean, healthy air (filtration is critical for people with allergies, for example).

Dehumidifying: in cooling mode, our systems dehumidify the air. A comfortable level of humidity is 40 to 60%, creating a feeling of well being. Correct humidity levels also limit the growth of dust mites and molds – again positively affecting people with allergies as well as ensuring a longer life span for electronic appliances.

Ventilation: this can be integrated into a climate control system, removing contaminated internal air and replacing it with fresh, conditioned air from the outside. In mid season, when the air conditioning is turned off, the ventilation can work independently. Our ventilation systems can also be installed without an air conditioning unit.

An AirTec Climate Control System will give you, your staff and customers perfect indoor air quality – and temperature – all the year round.

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Airtec Climate Control

Its the Law

Employers have a duty of care towards their staff and are legally obliged* to provide a work environment which is properly ventilated and avoids the extremes of heat and cold. In fact, staff are legally entitled to leave if the temperature in the workplace drops below 16°C and new legislation being sought by the TUC will soon provide an upper limit as well.

*Health and Saftey at Work Act, 1974

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